Admin Approval

Within the Admin Portal, you can view the status of all workflows within an organization and perform different actions like approve, resend, reject and void.

You first need to log in to your Mako Admin Portal and navigate to the Workflows tab in the left-hand sidebar. 

Workflows’ status can change between  ‘IN PROGRESS’,‘REQUIRES ADVISOR APPROVAL’,‘REQUIRES APPROVAL’ and finally ‘APPROVED’. Workflows can also be rejected by either the Advisor or the Administrator. 

Once the form reaches the ‘REQUIRES APPROVAL’ status, it can be reviewed by the Administrator as follows: 

Click on the appropriate response. 

Now you can either ARPPOVE, RESEND or REJECT the document.

  • APPROVE: Clicking this button indicates that you have reviewed and accepted the document.
  • RESEND: This gives you the option to resend the form to the advisor.
  • REJECT: Clicking this button will discard the form, and the client will not receive any notification.

Once you have approved the document, you need to click the CONFIRM button.

If you navigate back to the responses tab, the status of the workflow should now change to ‘APPROVED’.