Data Rooms

Data Rooms are cloud environments that are accessible with a secured link. These environments can contain documents generated and filled out during a Workflow or other types of documents depending on your own setup.

A Data Room could look like this:

Depending on the setup, Data Rooms might be sent out when a given Workflow response receives the final approval and moves to the “APPROVED” status. Alternatively, they may be sent out after a certain form role completes their section or a combination of the two.

For example, an investor can receive access to their Data Room immediately after they complete their section, or after their advisor signs the package. 

If your platform includes Data Rooms, the designated Form Roles will receive an email containing a link that gives them access.

Once the user accesses this link, they will be directed to their Data Room in the Mako Platform and will also receive an email containing the access code.

Note: The link to the Data Room is permanent and does not expire. However, the access code expires after 30 minutes. To retrieve a new code, navigate to the original link and a new access code will be generated and sent to the user via email. Please ensure to check the thread nested in the original email for subsequent access codes. 

Once the code is copied, enter and submit it in the prompt to gain access to the documents.