Adding, Bulk Adding & Editing Investors in Your Organization

To be able to launch a workflow to an Investor, Administrators and Advisors first need to add them from the Admin or Advisor Portal. Within the Mako Fintech platform, Administrators and Advisors can also choose to bulk add, edit and delete investors in their organization.

To add a new Investor:

Select the Investors tab in the left-hand sidebar.

Click the + icon in the top right corner and enter the investor’s information. 

Once the information is complete, select CREATE to add the investor to the list. 

To bulk upload Investors:

Navigate to the Investors tab in the left-hand sidebar.

Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner labeled More and select Upload Investors.

Click Download Template to get a CSV template. 

Fill out the form and complete it with Investors' information.

Click Upload and select the CSV file with the Investors’ information.

Refresh the page and you’ll be able to see all the Investors added to the list.

To delete an existing Investor:

Navigate to the Investors tab in the left-hand sidebar. 

To delete click the delete icon on the right side of the Investor’s list.

To edit and view data of an Investor:

Select an Investor by clicking on them. 

Edit their details by clicking on the pen labelled Edit field in the Investor Profile bar on the left. After making the changes, you can either Save Changes or Discard Changes.

View saved data associated with the investor in Investor Data.

View documents they have completed after a workflow has been approved in Documents.

View the status of current responses associated with them in Responses.

To provide Investors with access to the Investor Portal:

Click the Create Investor Login button from the Investor Profile. 

A new window will appear where you can submit the Investors email address. 

Click the Create Investor Login button in that window to confirm.

The investor will receive an email with instructions for resetting their password.