Mako for Portfolio Managers

Automated Administration, Accelerated Investor Relations

You want to focus on selecting the best investment opportunities for your clients and closing deals, but instead, inefficient manual processes have left you drowning in paperwork.

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Mako automates customer onboarding and engagement to streamline administration. The result?

Dramatic time savings and a modern investor experience remotely

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Fast-Track Operations with Automated Onboarding Designed for You

Customer-facing processes like KYC onboarding can be done automatically and remotely, even across different custodian portals. Turn your firm’s forms and other third-party forms into a single workflow so clients only have to fill in their information once. Beyond onboarding, there are significant client and compliance benefits around digital document record-keeping.

Portfolio managers using the Mako platform get:

  • Reduced administration
  • Operational efficiency
  • Remote operational capacity
  • Increased confidence in compliance
  • The ability to calibrate service-offering by client

The Result:

A remarkably better client experience that eliminates data redundancy and respects their client’s time

Can You Give Your Clients a Better Experience?

With powerful workflow automation available at your fingertips, it’s easy to give your customers the modern experience they expect.

See how Mako Fintech delivers up to 90% time savings.

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Getting Started

Here's how we'll work together to build your custom platform:


Business process review

You meet with the Mako team to review your unique processes. Our team will then provide automation recommendations that you can present to your firm’s stakeholders for validation before moving forward.


Custom configuration

We’ll import data from your firm’s existing PMS and BI systems to build your custom configurations, even when they vary by custodian relationship or client type. With integrations to CRMs, custodian data feeds, portfolio management systems and financial data APIs, we play nice with your existing systems.


Automate and accelerate management and administration

You're all set up! Your Advisor Portal will now allow paperwork to flow between your firm, investors and issuers, with management features that include document details, status, and filter options. You’ll also appreciate the streamlined annual renewals and AML updates, multi-signature workflows, pre-filled forms from external data sources, and audit trails for compliance.

The Mako Promise

With institutional-grade security built-in, Mako is dedicated to making your goals attainable using our advanced business process automation for the financial services industry.

Learn more about Mako Fintech’s security

Top Names in Canadian Wealth Management Trust Mako Fintech

Backed by large financial institutions, Mako is a trusted automation partner to the Canadian wealth management industry.

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Case Study with an Edmonton-based Portfolio Management Firm

“Even before a call, just doing my prep, I could see what I needed to ask and what points would be the most important to discuss with the client when I hadn’t even spoken to them yet. That’s huge versus going and meeting a client for the first time and having no sense of who they are, or how they feel about investing. It just helps us make a much better assessment.”
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FAQs for Portfolio Managers

Does Mako offer true portfolio management software?

Mako offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to portfolio management firms that allows them to automate back-office administrative tasks, investor relations and more. While there are many portfolio management software systems available for different purposes, Mako specializes in customized automation that can cater to any portfolio manager’s existing processes and documents.

Does Mako charge fees per investor?

Some of our products may have investor fees associated to them. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Who owns our data?

Your data is stored securely with Mako, but you are the owner of it. For more details, refer to the Master Service Agreement between you and Mako.

What if I need to update a form after it’s already been configured online?

Updating forms post-deployment is possible. Contact your account manager to discuss the changes you’d like to make as they pertain to your existing workflows and configurations. To protect all signatories in a workflow, forms that are already “in-flight” cannot be changed. In-flight forms that require modifications should be cancelled and resent to any signatories with any necessary changes.

What are Mako’s security policies?

We have institutional-level security. Please visit our security page for more information.

What if I work with international custodians?

Many of Mako’s clients work with custodians overseas. As long as they have an API we can accommodate international integration requests.

Does Mako rely on third-party data providers?

Mako will never share your data with a third party. In order to automate your business, we can facilitate integrations to certain third-party API services, if you opt-in to those services. 

Is Mako’s e-signature feature compliant according to international standards?

In addition to Canada and the US, our system is compliant with European Union and Swiss e-signature laws.

What data policies are available to protect Mako’s clients?

Mako has strict policies in place with clear guidelines to protect our clients and our company. Please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to learn more about data storage.

Is the Mako platform available in other languages?

Mako supports English and French-language customers. 

How much time does it take to configure the platform for a portfolio management firm?

The setup and configuration time depends on the needs of each portfolio management firm. Typically the system can be configured in a matter of weeks.