Custom Automation, Complete Compliance

Mako acts as a trusted advisor throughout your digital transformation process, ensuring your firm meets compliance requirements using all necessary workflows and automatic audit trails.

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Give your clients a modern digital onboarding, renewal, and investment experience.

Give yourself up to 90% time savings.

Financial technology should adapt to you, not the other way around. We’ve created a cloud-based fintech platform that adapts to your existing financial management processes. Every single client is using a customized version of the Mako platform that was adapted to their needs. Mako is the easiest way to automate your back office and eliminate your regulatory burden.

Working with Mako Fintech

Our clients tell us what their biggest headaches are at work, and we help build solutions to solve them. Whether you have an existing system with multiple integrations or have been working manually, our team can design a custom solution to meet your unique needs. That means our customers only pay for and use the features they need.

When your team decides to work with Mako, it takes only a matter of weeks to deploy your custom solution. Here’s what that integration process looks like:


Business Process Review

Our team will analyze all of your forms, documents and business requirements.


Validation & Final Scope

We’ll have a validation call together, including all of your key stakeholders.


Configuration & Implementation

Our Customer Success Engineers will create your investor portal and/or advisor portal, and configure the custom workflow automation, including any specific white labelling and settings parameters.


Testing, Delivery & Launch

Our team will provide access to the newly configured environment, after conducting tests on the system in collaboration with your team to assess that all functionality is satisfactory.

System Integrations

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Don’t see your preferred solution? No problem. Contact us to see how we integrate with your existing systems.

“Mako Fintech takes a collaborative approach to client solutions. As such, this Edmonton firm was able to guide the Mako team to get a system designed to cater to their processes.”
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