Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our product or services? See if we’ve already answered it in our FAQs below.

Q: What type of wealth managers use Mako Fintech?

Mako Fintech is used by almost every market participant within Canada’s wealth management space. We proudly serve portfolio managers, fund managers and investment dealers; however, we also work with custodians, fund administrators, and consultants. Please visit the dedicated participant pages on our website to learn more.

Q: Do Mako customers have to pay for dedicated account service?

No, all Mako customers have a dedicated Account Manager to help them get the most out of the platform and to ensure a delightful experience. During account configuration, each client is also assigned a team of dedicated Customer Success Engineers.

Q: Can I keep my existing workflows?

Yes, our customer success engineers will configure the platform to preserve your unique and existing workflows, so you can keep your process as you know it. We can integrate via API with existing systems, and directly with custodians or fund administrators.

Q: What about security and compliance?

We have world-class security built into the Mako Fintech platform. We are SOC1/CSAE3416 audited, and we never pass your data to a third party. Even electronic signatures are kept within our data infrastructure, so no need for data-sharing with Docusign or another third party. Additionally, digital audit trails are automatically generated for all client interactions, as well as T5/RL3 or T5013/RL15 tax slips. You'll also get automated PCMLTFA compliance, regulatory filing generation (CSA 45-106F1, SEC Form D, etc.), and digitally signed documents using an AATL CA certificate. For more information visit our Security page.

Q: How long does it take to get set up?

While each configuration is unique, and the implementation time depends on the user’s needs, the average onboarding time is 6 weeks including testing and validation.

Q: How do I log in to Mako? 

You will need a unique username and password to log in to Mako. If you are the project lead, Mako will assign you a system login once configuration, testing and validation are complete. Project leads can administer access on the Mako platform to anyone on their team, or to clients as needed. For more information visit our help centre.

Q: How do I launch and manage workflows?

For more information about how to deploy custom workflows, visit our help centre for more information or book training with your account manager.

Q: How do I assign access for shareholders and employees? 

Granting access to your Mako platform can be done from the administrator settings in the left-side menu. For more information visit our help centre.

Q: How do I create a custom domain?

Typically a custom domain is set up during the validation and launch phase of a client project. To create a custom domain at any time, please contact your account manager.

Q: What if the data-room PIN to access my form expires?

Forms that are securely stored in client data rooms, are shared with a link via email, and often include a PIN for additional security. PINs expire after 30 minutes. Users will receive a new PIN if they re-visit the data room. Data rooms can be revisited an unlimited number of times, so users do not have to download and store documents locally.