Institutional-Grade Security Guaranteed

We’re a trusted and verified service provider in the financial sector. Mako Fintech specializes in automating regulatory paperwork while minimizing costs and mitigating risk.

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Application and data security are a major concern for your team and ours. We’ve run regulated firms before, and we built the system our regulators wanted to see, including bank-grade security protocols, audit trails, SOC compliance and more. With Mako, best-in-class security features are built-in.

Feel Confident with Integrated Security and Compliance

  • Digital Audit Trails
  • Automated PCMLTFA Compliance
  • User authentication and authorization features and controls
  • Documents are digitally signed with an AATL CA certificate
  • State-of-the-art data encryption
  • Tax slip automation (T5/RL3 or T5013/RL15)
  • Generation of regulatory filings (CSA 45-106F1, SEC Form D, etc.)
CSAE 3416 Type 1 Audit Badge

Controls Audits

The integrity of our software processes, data and access are independently audited annually. Mako Fintech has completed a SOC2 audit.

Regulatory Oversight

As part of our annual audit processes, Mako has been recognized as adhering to best-practice standards on digital recordkeeping.

Financial Solidity

Our financial statements are subject to audit controls, and our performance is supported by our institutional insurance coverage.

If you’re looking for a larger vendor due diligence process, get in touch. We’re happy to collaborate with your operations, IT and legal teams as needed in the assessment of our system architecture, controls, and data policies.

The Mako Promise

With institutional-grade security built-in, Mako is dedicated to making your goals attainable using our advanced business process automation for the financial services industry.

Banking and finance executives are rightly concerned about security. Anyone considering cloud technology solutions should be aware of their main security risks.
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