Mako for Fund Managers

Grow Your Fund,
With Sub-agreements at Scale

You want to focus on selecting new financial products to grow your fund, but instead, you’re stuck processing manual sub-agreements one by one.

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Mako's automated sub-agreements allow fund managers to dramatically accelerate closing and bulk-send paperwork at scale without recreating all of the firm’s existing processes.

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Fast-Track Fund Operations with Automated Sub-Agreements

Enabling advisors to sell your fund is easy when the processes are automated. Accelerate turnaround time for new sub-documents and stop stalling performance. Turn your fund’s forms and other third-party forms into a single real-time workflow.

Fund managers using the Mako platform get:

  • Automated subscription agreements
  • Pre-populated advisor forms
  • A modern, easy-to-use interface
  • Improved client engagement
  • Error-free forms
  • Efficiency and time savings
  • Integration with fund administrators
  • Secure data rooms to store investor data

The Result:

A performant fund that’s a delight to invest in and engage with.

What if you had more time to develop, implement and manage growth strategies?

Stop letting legacy fund manager software, manual sub-agreements, form errors and redundant data entry slow you down. Can your fund eliminate operational delays, errors, inefficiencies and provide best-in-class service?

See why Mako Fintech is trusted by some of the biggest names in Canadian finance.

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Getting Started

Here's how we'll work together to build your custom platform:


Business process review

You meet with the Mako team to review your unique processes. Our team will then provide automation recommendations that you can present to your firm’s stakeholders for validation before moving forward.


In-depth due diligence

Mako will engage in your due diligence process. Security and privacy are a top priority for our company, our clients and our industry.


Integration with your existing systems

You're all set up! Your custom platform is now integrated with your CRM and fund administrator. Built-in error protection eliminates form issues to help improve client engagement and save time. Existing clients will get pre-populated forms for added acceleration.

The Mako Promise

With institutional-grade security built-in, Mako is dedicated to making your goals attainable using our advanced business process automation for the financial services industry.

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Top Names in Canadian Wealth Management Trust Mako Fintech

Backed by large financial institutions, Mako is a trusted automation partner to the Canadian wealth management industry.

FAQs for Fund Managers

What are the top features for fund managers?

Fund managers who use the Mako platform are most interested in automating sub-agreement documents, as well as custom workflows like automated client onboarding (KYC, ID, AML). For an improved client experience, fund managers appreciate the client portal that provides customer portfolio reporting. Additionally, the following sub-features are popular with fund managers:

  • Client tagging
  • Multi-AML
  • One-to-many form sending
  • Task-based workflow notifications
  • Form memory
  • Bulk-upload
  • Native e-signature component
  • 2FA client logins
  • KYC form upload

Does Mako have any client references?

During the due diligence phase, Mako is happy to provide client references who can verify the depth and performance of our automation solutions designed for wealth management professionals.

Does Mako work only with fund managers?

No, Mako serves all areas of the wealth management sector in Canada, including other market players like portfolio managers, and investment dealers. Mako also has connections with custodians, fund administrators and consultants.

Does Mako have experience working with Canadian fund managers?

Yes, we are currently working with a number of fund managers in Canada.

Does Mako operate across many jurisdictions?

Yes, Mako operates across Canada, assisting some clients with wealth management operations in the US and overseas.

Is there any operational risk in working with Mako?

Mako proudly serves fund managers across Canada. For more information about our process, security, data and compliance policies we invite you to explore our website or contact us for specific enquiries.

How does Mako’s platform compare to other fund manager software?

Mako offers a solution to automate business processes for fund managers in Canada. Compared to other solutions, Mako is completely customizable to meet the unique needs that each fund manager has. Additionally, Mako’s platform is already integrated with various participants like custodians, fund administrators, and more. Compared to other fund management software, Mako’s solution is priced disruptively lower for the features and functionality included.