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Pushing paper has a directly attributable cost. Mako offers disruptively lower pricing than similar solutions that deliver our level of institutional quality automation.

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For many wealth management professionals, affordable pricing means unlocking time-saving automation that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. What’s even better? With multi-year engagements, low fees are locked in.

Pay For What You Need

Standard pricing just doesn’t exist here. It would be a disservice to our clients to expect them all to adapt to an out-of-the-box solution at the same cost. Each portfolio management firm, fund manager, investment dealer and so on have very different needs, come in different sizes, and work for different types of clients. Our customers see custom pricing as an advantage. It means they’re never overpaying for features they’re not using.

Our Pricing Offers Industry Leading Value

Our price is extremely competitive given the platform’s flexibility because the product was set up to be low code/no code with a custom configuration for each client. As a result, pricing is based on the product feature adoption, the number of advisors and forms flowing through the platform, and typically an onboarding fee is included to cover the initial configuration and digitization of forms.

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Call us to discuss your needs. We’d be happy to set up a call to assess your current situation and provide you with an estimate of costs. We invite you to do a demo of our platform and engage in the business process review with us to get a complete proposal with final pricing.

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The Mako team delivered a highly custom, scalable solution that fit the exact needs of the portfolio management business, with a white glove onboarding service, and an affordable subscription-based pricing model.
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