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 Staff at Mako Fintech Staff at Mako Fintech Staff at Mako Fintech

Mako Financial Technologies launched a category-redefining platform in 2018 that allows firms to bring client onboarding, renewal, and investment online seamlessly.

Every player in the financial industry is experiencing digital transformation in their own way, and Mako uses this principle as its North Star. Mako's mission is to democratize the digitalization of wealth management and provide operational excellence to our customers through digital transformation. Mako Fintech is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and led by a team of finance and technology experts.

Thank You to Our Partners

Image of Mako CEO Raphael Bouskils
I founded Mako with the mission of building technology that would help make finance more accessible for all. I am proud of the work our team has invested towards achieving that goal with a technology platform that delivers a combination of delightful client experiences and powerful, best-in-class workflow automation.
—  Raphael Bouskila
  President & Founder

Meet Our Executive Team

Raphael Bouskila

Raphael Bouskila


Raphael is the founder of Mako Financial Technologies, providing strategic product vision, business development, and team leadership.

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David Kleiman

David Kleiman

Chief Technology Officer

David is an experienced software developer with a track record of building scalable SaaS systems and a mathematical mindset.

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Shawn Prodgers

Shawn Prodgers

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Shawn brings over 15 years of experience in operations, finance, performance management, procurement and business intelligence.

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Paul Tseng

Paul Tseng

Vice President of Solutions Engineering

Paul serves as the Vice President of Solutions Engineering, bringing extensive experience in software implementation to the team.

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Mona Zabet

Mona Zabet

Vice President of Customer Success

Mona boasts over a decade of expertise in Sales and Customer Success. Her career spans notable roles at Nest Wealth and Fidelity Investments, where she developed a strong client-centric approach and a deep understanding of wealth management.

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Meet Our Advisors

Some of the biggest names in Canadian finance are sitting on Mako’s Advisory Board.

Mary Karamanos

Former Chief HR Officer of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Canada’s entrepreneur-focused development bank, managing over $30 billion in assets.

Jayson Horner

Founder & CEO of CanDeal, Canada’s leading institutional platform for bond, money market and derivatives trading.

Glenn Goucher

Former President of CDS, Canada’s central securities depository, and of CDCC, Canada’s central clearing counterparty for exchange-traded derivative products.

Rodney Dobson

Former President of ADP Canada, a leader in enterprise technology solutions.

Jonathan Halwagi

Partner at Fasken, where he is focused on asset management and fund structuring and operations.

Dominique Ferst

Managing Partner at Ferst Capital Partners, one of Canada’s most active investors in the fintech space.

David Adderley & Tom Valis

Managing Partners of Celtic House Venture Partners, one of Canada’s longest-standing early-stage technology venture firms.

Frederic Latreille

Partner at YUL Ventures, an active venture capital group led by experienced entrepreneurs.

Doug Mitchell

Founder & Partner at IMK LLP, a leading boutique litigation firm.

Rick Ness

Managing Partner at Tactico, an innovative VC firm. Former CEO, Penson Financial Services Canada.

Michel Brutti

Former Senior Partner at Jarislowsky Fraser, one of Canada's leading investment firms.

Tommy Baltzis

Founder and CEO of WhiteHaven Securities Group, a leading alternative investment firm.

Even before a call, just doing my prep, I could see what I needed to ask and what points would be the most important to discuss with the client when I hadn’t even spoken to them yet. That’s huge versus going and meeting a client for the first time and having no sense of who they are, or how they feel about investing. It just helps us make a much better assessment
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