Mako for Financial Institutions

Enhance Client Experience & Reputability with Automated Onboarding 

Manual account opening and KYC processes can turn off potential customers. You want to focus on improving client experience, especially around onboarding, but not at the expense of security and compliance.

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Mako Fintech creates customized automation solutions that are trusted by Canadian financial institutions who want digital onboarding that advisors and investors love.

Features to support digital transformation strategy inside financial institutions

Digital transformation services improve account opening and operations 

Automating manual processes like KYC onboarding can be done securely and compliantly. Get a fully configured solution tailored to your investment operations, jurisdiction, existing systems and your staff’s level of comfort. Turn multiple forms and signatories into a single workflow that can be completed online, anywhere, anytime. 

Financial institutions that use Mako’s digital transformation services get:

  • Improved client experience
  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduced administration for internal stakeholders
  • Simple technology for low-tech teams
  • Digital workflows customized to existing processes
  • Best-in-class digital transformation solution

The Result:

A remarkably better digital client experience that doesn’t compromise security or compliance.

Is Your Institution Keeping Up With Client Service Expectations?

Financial institutions now have the technology and regulatory support needed to meet their sophisticated operational needs, while better servicing clients. Simplify operations and create a delightfully modern client experience, without compromising compliance or security.

See why consultants are already recommending Mako’s solution to financial institutions.

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Getting Started

Here's how we'll work together to build your custom platform:


Initial needs analysis

Mako engages in new discussions with financial institutions by determining the scope of the project and stakeholders, while gathering information about existing forms and workflows. This information allows our team to create a customized demonstration of the platform.


Custom multi-stakeholder demo

All parties involved with digital transformation are invited to participate in a demonstration catered to the needs of the institution. Here each stakeholder can ask questions about the needs of their department.


Due diligence process

Our team will engage in an in-depth due diligence process with your compliance, security, legal, operations and management team as needed.


Service Level Agreement (SLA) and legal review

Our team will work directly with your legal team to provide any additional details or documents needed to facilitate the SLA.


Configuration, testing, validation

Once both teams have validated the custom configuration, a final version is launched and training is scheduled with all stakeholders and you’re all set.

The Mako Promise

With institutional-grade security built-in, Mako is dedicated to making your goals attainable using our advanced business process automation for the financial services industry.

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Top Names in Canadian Wealth Management Trust Mako Fintech

Backed by large financial institutions, Mako is a trusted automation partner to the Canadian wealth management industry.

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FAQs for Financial Institutions

What features are most important for financial institutions?

Beyond customized digital and automatic account opening, Mako has several platform features and digital transformation services for financial institutions. Mako can integrate with institutional client’s existing systems like Equifax or Winfund. Clerks can fill out the information on behalf of their clients, with the ability to include personalized notes with digital form requests. Other features that matter include:

  • Client portal
  • Sub-agreements
  • AML watchlist lookups
  • ID verification e-signatures
  • Institutional KYC
  • Reports/BI on collected KYC data
  • Business rules for multiple forms
  • 3-tiered architecture/encryption
  • A private AWS cloud that they have master control over
  • Wet signature options
  • Audit trails
  • Email notifications

What are Mako’s security policies?

Mako prides itself on providing institutional-grade security measures to protect its customers and the company itself. With $1B AUA we make privacy and security our top priority.

How do we access Mako’s technology?

Once your custom platform is deployed, simply login to securely access or initiate workflows, documents or users. Rather than adding to the technology you use, Mako integrates with it, simplifying operations rather than adding technical complexity.

How much does Mako cost?

The cost of using Mako depends on each custom configuration of the platform and the needs of our customers. Please visit our pricing page for more pricing information. 

Does Mako provide support?

Yes, Mako will provide ongoing institutional support to make sure you and your users are getting the most out of the platform. Check out our Knowledge Base for how-to articles, or reach out to your account manager anytime to discuss your experience.

Does Mako use third-party service providers to process digital signatures?

No, Mako has created a proprietary e-signature component in accordance with FINTRAC guidelines. Mako will never share your data with a third party. 

What if we have multi-tiered management workflows?

No problem. Mako will configure the platform and client workflows as needed, accounting for as many steps, forms and signatories as needed.

What if our advisors are resistant to using the platform?

Asking advisors to change their behaviour can be challenging if the solution isn’t right. Luckily, Mako provides a customized solution that will fit with the processes your advisors are used to.