Resending Forms

Occasionally a form needs to be resent because an error was made by a signatory. You can resend a form in progress or a completed one easily with the Mako Fintech platform.

To resend a form in progress:

Login to your Mako Advisor Portal and select the Responses tab in the left-hand sidebar.

Note: A Workflow cannot be resent if it has been Advisor Rejected, Rejected or Approved

Now click on the response row for a given client to see their form status. 

Once you’ve selected the response, you’ll be taken to a window that displays all statuses for the signatories in that workflow. Possible statuses are Sent, Queued, Signed, and Void.

Note: A Workflow cannot be resent to a Form Role that has the status Queued

Click on the Options icon, and then the Resend button. 

Fill in the email addresses and personalized messages for each signatory and click Resend. ‍All signatories will be notified by email about details in their forms that need to be updated.

Note: When resending links, any existing links that are already out for signatures will be invalidated.