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Admin Portal Overview

The administrative side of the Mako portal allows different types of asset managers to easily oversee the state of onboarding for all of their clients at once. It also allows them to facilitate paperwork with clients digitally and remotely.

This article will look at what the administrator can do in the Admin Portal, including creating workflows, overviewing responses, managing investors, and more.


The Workflows tab contains a list of all the possible workflows that the admin can start . For example, it is here that the administrator can see all the forms that are ready to be sent out.

In the Workflows tab the admin can either start a workflow or bulk start a workflow.Starting a workflow allows the admin to send a single workflow to an investor and optional subsequent signatories. Bulk starting a workflow allows the admin to download a CSV template and launch workflows to multiple investors at once. Click on the workflow name to see a detailed list of all the responses (see the Responses tab for more information).


The Responses tab contains a list of all the workflows that the admin has sent out. Once all the signatories complete their forms, the admin will receive an email notification informing them that the signatory’s form is ready to be reviewed.  

The status of the form will automatically change from In Progress to Requires Approval.  All workflows needing review will be listed in the Responses tab under the Status column in the Mako Admin Portal. Once the workflow is approved the status of the form will automatically change from Requires Approval to Approved.


The Investors tab lists all the investors on the admin’s platform as well as their form status (i.e., Not Sent, Sent, Requires Approval, Rejected or Approved).

The admin can select the View/Edit Data  button to view and edit the investor documents.


The Advisors tab lists all the advisor firms that belong to the administrator. The administrator can create a new advisor firm by clicking the Create Advisor Firm + button in the top right corner. The admin can delete an advisor firm by clicking the Delete Advisor Firm Button under the Actions column.


The Products tab contains bonds, funds, and stocks that the investors can subscribe to or buy. If an investor buys into a product a certificate will be generated and listed in the Certificates tab.


The Certificates tab lists all the certificates that are generated if an investor buys into a product.


The Documents tab lists all the documents within the organization. Here each document can be downloaded and/or deleted. There are three subsections:

  • Certificate Documents
  • Investor Documents
  • Product Documents

Certificate Documents: This section contains all the certificate documents in the organization.

Investor Documents: This section contains all the investor documents in the organization.

Product Documents: This section contains all the product documents in the organization.


The Consents tab enables you to easily create a written consent and send it out for signature. Consents must be linked to a product (bond, stock, or fund). They also require a title and body text.  


The Reports tab allows the admin to generate report data in a table for easy viewing, sorting, and filtering in your browser. You can also download the unfiltered data in .csv or.xlsx format.


The Organization tab contains two subheadings:

  • Banking
  • Employees

Banking: The banking tab allows the admin to process payments with CPA files.

Employees: The employees tab allows the admin to manage employees (e.g., reset employee password, remove employee). The employees that are added by the administrator will have access to the Admin Portal and will be able to launch workflows, approve workflows, view investor data, and view forms.


The Tools tab allows the admin to quickly calculate interest.


The Settings tab contains two subheadings:

  • My Account
  • Organization

My Account: The My account tab allows the administrator to create and reset their password.

Organization: The Organization tab allows the administrator to create custom portals for its investors.