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Removing and Changing Investor Logins

Each Mako platform user should have their own unique login information. This information can be updated or removed at any time by an administrative user.

To remove an investor from your organization:

  • From the Main Menu, select Investors. 
  • For the investor whose information you'd like to remove, click View/Edit Data.
  • Then, click Investor Data, followed by Create Shareholder Login.
  • Select Unlink Shareholder Account.


Screenshot of investor data selection
Screenshot to unlink a shareholder account

To change an investor’s email address, if one has already been entered, it must first be unlinked. To do so, follow the steps above to unlink an existing email address and then complete the steps below to relink the investor's profile with a new email address.

To change an investor’s email address:

  • From the Main Menu, select Investors. 
  • For that investor, click View/Edit Data, then Investor Data.
  • Select Create Shareholder Account.
Note: If you do not relink the investor’s profile to a new email address, they will continue to have access to the Investor Portal but will no longer see any data related to your organization.