Bulk Sending Workflows

With the Mako Fintech platform, it’s easy to send digital forms to investors and other end users to be completed and signed electronically. Bulk sending a workflow allows the administrator or advisor to download a CSV template and launch a workflow to multiple investors at once.

How to bulk send workflows:

Login to your Mako Portal and select the Workflows tab in the left-hand sidebar.

Select the Bulk Start Workflow icon next to the workflow you want to send.

Select the investors you wish to send the workflow to, and click on the Download Template button to download the CSV file with the selected investors. 

Once you open the CSV file on your computer, you’ll see all of the investors' information in the spreadsheet. Fill in any investor information as needed.

The last three columns (Validation, Form Status, Notes) should be left blank. If there were any validation errors when launching the Workflow, those details will be posted in the last three columns and you will be able to fix them.

Once you have finished filling out the CSV file, save it on your computer and navigate back to the Mako Portal. Click on the NEXT button to move onto the bulk upload stage.

Click on the UPLOAD button, select the CSV file you have just filled out and click Open

If there were any issues, the system will warn you and generate a link with a report indicating the specific issue. You can then download the file again, fix the issues and then re-upload it to the system. 

If there were not any issues with the upload, the workflow will be sent to all of the selected investors. Once the page is refreshed, this progress will be visible and you’ll be able to validate that the workflows have been sent.