Advisor Approval

Both the administrator and advisor approval functions work the exact same way. As such, the instructional video below pertains to both administrators and advisors.

Once the final signatory signs and approves the form, the form’s status will change to REQUIRES ADVISOR APPROVAL. All forms requiring approval will be listed in the Responses tab under the Status column.

To review a document:

From the Responses tab in the left-hand sidebar, click on the response that has the status REQUIRES ADVISOR APPROVAL.

You can either APPROVE, REJECT, RESEND, or VOID the document. 

  • APPROVE: Clicking this button indicates that you have reviewed and accepted the document and once clicked will be prompted to CONFIRM. Then, the document and form data will be linked to the client's account.
  • RESEND: This gives you the option to resend the form to the client either due to missing information or for any other reason. Users will be prompted to confirm this action. Click on the Options button and select Resend.

You can fill in the customized message that you’d like to send with the workflow, then click on RESEND.

  • REJECT: Clicking this button will discard the workflow, and the client will not receive any notification. This action can only be performed once the document has been signed. Users will be prompted to confirm this action.
  • VOID: You can void a workflow at any stage of the process from creation to pre-approval. Users will be prompted to confirm this action.

The status of the form will automatically change from REQUIRES ADVISOR APPROVAL to REQUIRES APPROVAL. Once the admin approves the form in the Admin Portal the status will change to APPROVED.