Creating a PIN

Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) can be created by advisors or administrators and provided to end-users for additional security. The PIN ensures that the form is only filled out by the intended recipient. Clients and signatories are prompted to enter their secure PIN when accessing documents sent to their email from the Mako Fintech platform.

There are two types of PINs:

  • Manual PIN

A manual PIN is provided by the advisor or administrator and needs to be communicated to the client (e.g., via phone call). 

An SMS PIN is randomly generated by the Mako Fintech platform and sent to the client’s phone number by text. 

How to create a PIN:

Click the Start Workflow icon, select an investor, fill out any required pre-fill information and the client’s email address.

Click the ADD PIN button and select either SMS or Manual PIN.

  • For a Manual PIN, create a PIN. This PIN must be communicated to the end-user by the advisors or administrators. 
  • For an SMS PIN, enter the client’s phone number, where they will be sent a text message with a randomly generated PIN.

After selecting a PIN method and filling out the message field, click on the SUBMIT button. 

The client or end-user will receive the PIN either manually or by SMS, depending on the PIN method selected. They will be prompted to enter the PIN shared with them once opening the link in their email communication to review/sign the documents.