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Creating PINs

Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) can be created by advisors or administrators and provided to clients for additional security. The PIN ensures that the form is not filled out unintentionally by others who may have received the link accidentally.

There are two types of PINs:

  • Manual PIN

A manual PIN is provided to the client by the admin. An SMS PIN is sent to the client’s email where they can input their mobile number to receive a randomly generated PIN. 

How to create a PIN:

  • In order to create pins, the Require PIN feature must be enabled under Settings.
  • If the Require PIN feature is assigned to a form role, like "Signatory 2" seen in the image above, administrative users have the option to set a PIN for that form role prior to sending their form.
  • Administrators can simply select the SMS PIN or Manual PIN radio buttons to include a PIN with a form being sent to any signatories in a workflow.