Product Spotlight: Investor Types and Households

Product Spotlight: Investor Types and Households

Onboarding households has always been a lucrative but challenging business for wealth managers. With relatives, family trusts, and holding companies, the number of forms the client is forced to complete can quickly become overwhelming for both you and your clients. 

Mako’s householding feature can onboard individual, joint, and entity accounts in a single, unified workflow while directly communicating with your CRM and custodian. The data is then organized and displayed in a powerful and convenient way for easy management. 

The best part? Householding works with all the other great Mako features, like form prefills and our native e-signature module. Whether you handle a few joint accounts or you have complicated structures, our householding feature can take care of it elegantly. 

Here is Mako's Product Manager and Designer, Heather Mazzonna, to explain further:

Technology and Efficiency in Wealth Management

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In Pursuit of Efficiency:

Working with Technology to De-paper Wealth Management Processes

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