Product Spotlight: Investor Profiles

Product Spotlight: Investor Profiles

Managing digital forms is just the beginning of Mako's offerings. Once processed, all the information collected is neatly organized into each investor profile, which has been thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive overview of investor data at a glance. Investor Data is custom and unique to a firm's data management practices.

With just a few clicks, your team can see all the investor data available, which households or entities they belong to, and which responses they are currently a part of or have participated in in the past. From this tab, you can also review all PDFs signed by each investor.

Properly organized and accessible investor data is crucial for any wealth management office. Whether it's assessing the current status of an investor's account, understanding their connections to other entities, or managing their journey through various workflows, Mako's intuitive interface and robust backend infrastructure make these tasks seamless.

The integration of all collected data into each investor profile also underscores Mako's commitment to data security and privacy. With sophisticated roles and permissions settings, Mako ensures that sensitive investor information is protected and only accessible to authorized personnel. This feature is backed up by Mako’s stringent cybersecurity measures and SOC2 Type II certification. 

Here is Mako's Product Manager and Designer, Heather Mazzonna, to explain further: 

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