Product Spotlight: Automated Workflows

Product Spotlight: Automated Workflows

Mako Fintech’s automated workflow technology allows wealth management offices the ultimate flexibility and unlocks efficiencies. All required forms and documentation can be bundled and organized into a seamless experience for account opening and management. 

These workflows can automate any tedious business process. The direct application is getting forms pre-populated and signed using our native e-signature module, but our automated workflows can accomplish so much more. They can be customized to fit your firm's needs, match your firm's branding, manage entities and households, validate identities, integrate with your tech stack and more. 

This tool dramatically reduces the operational burden on wealth management firms. It allows you to offer your clients a superior experience from prospect to account opening to KYC refresh and beyond while ensuring compliance regimes and back office operations move more quickly and securely.  

Here is Mako's Product Manager and Designer, Heather Mazzonna, to explain further: 

Technology and Efficiency in Wealth Management

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In Pursuit of Efficiency:

Working with Technology to De-paper Wealth Management Processes

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