Mako Walkthrough: Platform Overview

Mako Walkthrough: Platform Overview

Welcome to our new video series, in which our Customer Success Manager, Philippe, provides detailed walkthroughs of Mako's powerful platform. 

Why Watch This Video?

Whether you're new to Mako or looking to maximize your use of its features, this video will jumpstart your knowledge about our platform and help you navigate the main features. Philippe breaks down the essentials, showing you how to navigate and utilize Mako to its full potential.

What Will You Learn?

Get started with our platform by learning about Mako’s main features:

  • Workflows Tab: Learn to initiate and manage your document workflows through Mako. Both individual and bulk send functionalities are demonstrated. There is no need for tedious KYC refresh processes anymore; use Mako to send updated KYC forms to hundreds of investors simultaneously.
  • Responses Tab: Frequently called "mission control," this tab offers an overview of all current activities. You can monitor the status of your workflows, view their creation times, and know exactly who is managing them at any given moment. This feature serves as your central hub for workflow management, helping you stay on top of every process.
  • Investor’s Tab: Mako doesn’t just handle documents; it manages relationships. Once an investor profile is set up, all related information is securely stored and easily accessible. This tab allows you to edit profiles, view detailed audit trails, and monitor all communications and documents exchanged with each investor.
  • CRM Integration: Digital onboarding is only good if the collected data flows through your existing tech stack. Mako has a two-way sync with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, ensuring that any updates on Mako are automatically reflected on your CRM. This seamless integration facilitates consistent data management and enhances your operational efficiency.

Join Us for More

This video is just the beginning. Stay tuned for the next installment, in which Philippe will walk you through the steps to launching and managing workflows. Discover the difference Mako can make in your everyday operations.

Explore, learn, and transform the way you manage your business processes with Mako. Watch the video below:

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