Mako Fintech vs Salesforce

Mako Fintech vs Salesforce

Don’t settle for good enough.

Your clients deserve proper onboarding, and you shouldn’t settle on a tacked-on experience just because it works well with your CRM.

Mako gives your clients a seamless, branded experience that makes them comfortable and feel like their data is being respected.

Save time and money on setup.

Look, Salesforce isn’t cheap. Every single feature you want to within Salesforce is an extra cost and an extra month of work. Simple things like sub agreements, KYC refresh, and basic PM forms must be configured and calibrated by experienced and expensive consultants. If they can be done at all.

Mako already has all the workflows any wealth management office needs ready to go in a few weeks. Our team of experts has seen all the situations and has a way to fix them already. No learning curve, no delays, only expertise. 

At the end of the day, Salesforce just isn’t wealth tech. Mako is.

Features Mako Salesforce
Cost effective
Native E-signature
Sub agreements
API integrations (AML lookup etc)
Short configuration time
KYC refresh
Both custodians and PM forms On a case-by-case basis
Custodian integrations On a case-by-case basis
Both custodians and PM forms Only custodians

Technology and Efficiency in Wealth Management

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In Pursuit of Efficiency:

Working with Technology to De-paper Wealth Management Processes

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