Announcing Mako Fintech’s Multi-Year Partnership with the AI4Good Lab

Announcing Mako Fintech’s Multi-Year Partnership with the AI4Good Lab

Mako Fintech has launched a multi-year partnership, sponsoring the AI4Good Lab program. The partnership allows Mako to share available positions across the lab’s talented alumni network through newsletters, participation in career fairs, and involvement in Demo Day - the program’s annual capstone event. Through these initiatives, Mako has been actively attracting talent from their organization for job postings like the Solutions Engineer position. AI4Good Lab alumna, Ayesha Liaqat, started in this position and has already been promoted to Manager at Mako Fintech.

Image of AI4Good Lab Graduates

The AI4Good Lab targets young women from across Canada to attend a highly-coveted 7-week summer training program on artificial intelligence research and product development. Mako proudly supports their mission to offer AI mentorship, career development, and training to under-represented individuals. Participants of the program learn how to use AI for social good, and it accepts only 12-25% of applicants annually during their call for applications that run from January 15th to February 15th.

Spotlight: Ayesha Liaqat, Solutions Engineering Manager, AI4Good Lab Alumni

Mako Fintech seeks to attract talented, young individuals who have experience with data science, computer science, math, physics or engineering. The AI4Good Lab program nurtures exactly this type of talent, and so the partnership was a natural fit for both organizations. Maya Marcus-Sells, Executive Director of the Lab, says she’s pleased but not surprised to see graduates of the program being selected for employment opportunities so readily, given the demand for talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who have the critical skills required to drive the data revolution. 

Headshot of Ayesha, an AI4Good Graduate

Ayesha is a bright young woman that Mako is lucky to have working on their team, who recently graduated from the lab. She joined Mako before being accepted into the AI4Good Lab program. Understanding her passion for AI development, the Mako team was thrilled to learn that Ayesha would be leaving us for a short period of time to join the Lab’s latest cohort.  Ayesha says: 

“The AI4Good Lab program was a transformative experience that has equipped me with the skills to work in the field immediately. It was a pleasure to work alongside talented young women to develop an AI application that informs and encourages sustainable choices. Throughout the program, I was inspired by the potential of AI to contribute to social good.

“In addition to learning how to write AI models and gaining technical skills, I also value the mentorship opportunities provided throughout the program. The AI4Good Lab connected us with strong female role models who provided us with valuable insight on the role of women in tech and mentored us on navigating the challenges. I am extremely grateful for the support throughout the program and am excited to be bringing the skills to my new role at Mako.”

After completing the program this past summer, Ayesha was promoted to Solutions Engineering Manager, and Mako realized how important a formal relationship between the two organizations could be.  

Attracting the right type of talent is critical to Mako’s success. The Lab helps its sponsors address the pipeline issue of increasing diversity on their teams, by providing access to their alumni community of trained and motivated women. Meanwhile, young graduates from across the country are able to benefit from the ongoing remote employment opportunities that Mako offers.

The Future is Bright

The AI4Good multi-year partnership has been a complete success for both Mako and the program so far. While Mako is only seeing the early benefits of this partnership, we’re hoping to continue to attract bright minds like Ayesha for open positions in the next few years.  The AI4Good Lab will begin accepting applications for next year’s program on January 15th, 2022. Future graduates of the program should keep an eye out for career opportunities with Mako Fintech because the partnership is showing no signs of slowing.

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