Wealth Management Technology That Automates Manual Administration

By replacing heavy and long administrative paper processes with digital ones, you can operate faster, easier and more efficiently.

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Mako Fintech wealth management platform

Leading Firms Using Our Wealth Management Technology

Wealth managers need technology that is able to turn complex documents and onboarding processes into simple, streamlined client experiences. Explore our powerful solutions:

Solutions Catered to Your Unique Needs

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Portfolio managers can give clients a remarkably better experience while shedding inefficient manual processes.



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Fund managers can enhance fund performance with sub-agreements at scale, while creating a delightful investment experience.



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Investment dealers can sign deals faster with automated investment management that simultaneously creates a world-class client experience.



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Financial institutions can delight clients and improve reputability with digital, compliance-ready workflows.



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Mako Fintech automates administration your way. The result?

Increased client satisfaction, improved regulatory compliance and reduced operational costs.


100% accurate and compliant forms, guaranteed.

Client Experience

Delight clients with a streamlined end-to-end experience.

Customized Solutions

Can the 'canned' approach and preserve your firm's unique processes.


Get ahead with features like filling out multiple forms in one pass.

Time Savings

Automation reduces investor administration time up to 90%!

Remote Operations

Digital ID verification and institutional APIs enable remote client onboarding.

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In Pursuit of Efficiency:

Working with Technology to De-paper Wealth Management Processes

Webinar: Make Your Wealth Management Practice More Efficient

Safe and Secure Wealth Management Technology

Legacy banking and financial management systems pose security risks and are operationally onerous. Mako Fintech is a trusted and verified service provider in the financial sector, automating regulatory paperwork, while minimizing costs and mitigating risk.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art security here.

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