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Creating a Consent Resolution

Mako enables you to easily create a written consent and send it out for signature. This feature is accessed directly from the Main Menu by clicking on Consents. 

To create a new consent:

  • Click the on the + sign at the bottom right of the screen. 
Note: Consents must be linked to a product (bond, stock, or fund). They also require a title and text. 
Screenshot of Create Consent window
  • Clicking Next will bring up the following table:
Example of a Consent Resolution inside the Mako Fintech platform
  • Select who should receive the consent and click Send

Recipients will be alerted via email and will be able to sign the consent electronically. Once all parties have signed, Mako generates and stores a downloadable pdf copy of the consent with all the signatures on it. The consent file can be accessed via the Consent tab on the side bar.